Worthy Victims

by Worthy Victims

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Recorded 6/7th February 2013 by Mark Boniface & Clare James
Mixed by Mark Boniface
Mastered by Ed Woods




released September 4, 2013

Worthy Victims



all rights reserved


Worthy Victims Brighton, UK

Brighton-based Hardcore Punk

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Track Name: It's Kicking Off
I'm class conscious that's for sure,
Got my lines drawn for a new class war,
Six-twenty an hour that's pretty raw,
For picking up drunks off a grimey floor,
And in the MET there's a virulent rot,
The canteen culture of the killer cop,
Where institutional racism runs amok,
Our buffoon mayor should just sack the lot.

Music fashion seemed frivolous,
Posing seemed so grotesque,
Bollocks to the kids who think they are going to "Be the Best",
Careers fair come to our schools,
Approach the army and tell 'em what for,
Teach us peace we say,
We don't want your fucking war!

Am I content with everything here? (I don't know, I don't know)
Why should I like what I am shown? (I don't care, I don't care)
Am I content with everything here? (This is wrong, this is wrong)
Why should I like what I am shown? (This is wrong, this is wrong)

I want peace that's for sure,
See a protestor pinned to the floor,
Water cannon and gas it takes more,
To kill voices screaming for the poor,
I see the world and know it's wrong,
Put pen to paper and write a song,
I down my drink and think it's for fun,
Am I content with being strung out?
Track Name: Scrapheap
Stuck on the scrapheap,
Prowling round the edge like a fucking creep,
Ambition unmet expectations too,
Grind down my bones fucking sell them as glue.

All the hoops that we jump through,
All the hoops that we jump through,
What the fuck do I do?

Everything they told us was a fucking lie,
Social mobility - another lie,
Society has a place for our youth,
I found this answer in the dole queue.

I'll take this leap,
Breaking my feet,
I'll take this leap,
Jumping through hoops I'm snapping my neck.
Track Name: Proper Word Use
Think about the words you always hear,
The state has a pre-emptive strike,
The enemy has a cowardly ambush,
So who are you going to support?
What's with this use of ‘like’ and ‘up to’?
Discourse is great when you don't have a clue,
Does your face appear better?
Well it looks pretty grim to me.

Proper word use, think and listen,
Is this just a case of fabricated fiction?
Think! Process and listen!
Think! Decode the fictions!

Think about the words you always hear,
The state has its ‘collateral damage’,
The enemy has a massacre,
So who are you going to support?
Deceptions of your everyday life,
Let's hear something to make you feel safe,
Is crime higher or lower who knows?
Nothing has really changed.

President/Dictator, First strike/An ambush,
Necessity/Injustice, Civilian/Fanatic,
Friendly fire/Suicidal, Collateral/A Massacre!
Track Name: Fear In Us All
Guess work becomes the truth,
Panic prediction becomes a frenzy,
Yeah they told us so alright,
Because they already knew.

City surveys mean nothing to me,
Statistics lie to put a fear in us all,
Punters tell us how it is,
Worst case scenarios scare us like we're kids.
They can't hide it all!

Think there's nothing behind the scenes?
Now who's being naïve?
What we don't know will hurt us,
Taking secrets to the grave.

Missed all this info, where has it all gone?
Misplaced all this info, nothing can be done.
Track Name: Black Skies
Look at your foes see them not as human,
When you put them at the end of your gun,
Our governments will conjure up some aims,
To take a resource that they can't claim,
Keeping the peace is pretty hard,
When you trade weapons like they're fucking cards,
If all it takes is money to get your guns,
Who can we trust with mass destruction?

Toying with tensions ‘til they bend and break,
One rash decision was your final mistake,
We start burning from a nuclear sun,
Ending the world under your dominion,
It's not some burning rock from the sky,
This shit was man-made to make a man die,
Your rapture didn't come from your God,
You followed him and now we're all fucked.

All that's left now is a barren land,
With dying people hardly able to stand,
In the city there's burnt up shadows,
And in the country it's frozen meadows,
Hairs falling out we're coughing up blood,
Mouths are dry and you wish for a flood,
The last survivor balled up and curled,
Was it worth it your ideal world?

It's the end of the world!
Black skies clouding over the earth,
It's the end of the world!
The fallout's slowly killing us all.

Black Skies! Is this your new world order?
Black skies! Nothing civil in this disorder.
Black Skies!